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Mutualism in Sustainable Agriculture

Mutualism is a form of relationship between 2 or more organisms, which mutually benefit. An example of Mutualism that directly affects Agriculture is the relationship between Ants and different types of Aphids.

Ants protect aphids from other predators. Aphids, when they feed on the fluids of the plant, produce a honey rich in sugars and very nutritious as food for ants. This natural relationship can directly influence Agriculture, since aphid control programs are normally designed, without considering the ant populations that can promote the recovery of aphid populations after the controls executed. Ants influence the ability of aphids to resist pest management programs.

For this reason, it is important to identify and know very well the organisms/environment complex and their relationships to avoid  alterations in the ecosystem with management plans that can be harmful.

At we are experts in Designing Sustainable Agro-industrial Operations from Agricultural production to the Final Consumer. We have participated in transformation projects in lines such as Cannabis, Cassava, Banana, Passion Fruit, Hass Avocado, Oil Palm. Urban Agriculture, Fruit and other tropical crops.

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