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Mr. Elías Rico R.I.P

Today we want to remember to Mr. Elías Rico R.I.P, he died last weekend . He was the founder of AGROLLANOS Colombia, leader in the agribusiness sector, he was one of the main suppliers of raw materials (Cassava, Plantain) for the processed food industry such as Snacks and other categories, he was a pioneer in the use of seeds and improved genetics of Cassava and Plantain for the industry, he participated in the development of some varieties with entities such as AGROSAVIA contributing to the social and business strengthening in rural communities of the eastern plains. He leaves us as a legacy his creation AGROLLANOS, an example of a sustainable agro-industrial organization that supports rural development, contributes to the formalization of rural work and is currently committed to the manufacture and commercialization of bioinputs for sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Thank you Don Elías for your contribution, we will remain committed to your work.

Vista Hermosa, Meta

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