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Industrial Uses of Cassava Starch

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Cassava is one of the agricultural products with the greatest potential for different industries.  Some of its derivatives are starches, flours, biofuels, alcohols, and snacks. One of the most interesting derivatives is starch, as it has different industrial applications. Here are some of the industrial uses of cassava starch.

-Paper  Industry

-Biodegradable Materials, Plastic, Bags, Packaging

-Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as an additive

-Food & Beverage, Meat, Bakery, Juices, Sauces.



-Chemical industry

-Biodegradable detergents

-Textile industry


We can help you design and execute your industrial cassava starch production project in a sustainable way. We have the best technologies in production and transformation.

We finance you 70-80% of the cost of the starch processing plant. We have the best processing technology on the market.

We guarantee the commercialization of starch.

At we are experts in the Cassava Sustainable Agribusiness.

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