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Exterior Cannabis Flower Production (10 pl./m2)

The cultivation of Cannabis is a system that adapts very well to Sustainable Agriculture. In terms of pest and disease management, it is possible to maintain a very healthy crop with the use of biological, organic or mineral products that are friendly to the environment and the community, it adapts very well to crop rotation programs, the use of noble covers, and other sustainable agriculture practices that contribute to soil conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. , we are a group of experts in different agro-industrial lines, passionate about sustainable agriculture, we accompany organizations in the agro-industrial sector to design sustainable operations that guarantee growth and integral human development, promoting environmental conservation and sustainable development for communities and regions. We have experience in the Agro-industrial lines Cannabis, Cassava, Banana, Passion Fruit, Hass Avocado, Oil Palm, Urban Agriculture, Export Fruits and other tropical crops.

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