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Business Opportunity, the best in the market, Cassava Starch, Sustainable Industrial Production

One of the most important factors in an industrial cassava starch production operation is the market. It is essential to know the demand, the need, the opportunity. Another important factor  is the technological availability and efficiency in the transformation, which affect the quality and performance of the final product, it is important to obtain a standardized product that meets international parameters.

But the basis of the whole operation is the agricultural production phase. In order to supply the minimum quantity and quality of roots required by a processing plant, it is necessary to have a good strategic plan for agricultural operations. It is essential to meet the goals in terms of quantity, quality, time and resources so as not to negatively impact the transformation and marketing processes.

The business model we propose is the safest available on the market. We guarantee the purchase of starch, finance between 70-80% of the cost of the processing plant, and design the strategic plan for agricultural operations. The objective of this model is to reduce risks in the 3 major stages of starch production: agricultural production, processing and marketing.

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