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Business opportunity in Africa

Updated: Jan 31

Now is Africa's time to strengthen its position in global supply chains as diversification efforts continue. It is also an opportunity for the continent to bolster its emerging industries, promote economic growth and create jobs for millions of people. Rebeca Grynspan , Secretary-General of UNCTAD. According to the African Development Bank AfDB, one of the sectors with the greatest growth potential is agro-industry as there is a great availability of land, labour  and environmental conditions suitable for sustainable rural development. A great business opportunity to contribute to the rural development of the African continent is the industrial production of cassava starch. More than 60% of the world's cassava production is harvested in Africa, yet currently more than 60% of industrial derivatives are imported. We offer financing of 70-80% of the cost of the starch processing plant, starch purchase contract and assistance in the design of the agricultural plan to ensure the raw material as the main factor for the efficiency of the agro-industrial operation. If you are looking to invest in Africa, this is a good option.

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