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Biological Pest Control in a sustainable model with lower CO2 emissions into the environment.

Pest and disease control is one of the critical stages within a sustainable model. For today's agribusiness, it is essential to achieve high crop yields and the best product quality, free of residues or traces of pesticides that are harmful to health and the environment. An alternative to conventional pest control is biological or natural control. This type of control occurs in environments free of synthetic products that can affect the cycle of beneficial organisms such as wasps and bees that play an important role in the conservation of an ecosystem, whether natural or commercial. The implementation of this type of control contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by agriculture.

This is one of the many natural strategies that we promote at, we are a group of friends who are experts in sustainable agribusiness and we support all sustainable initiatives in the sector. We focus on integral human development, ethics and environmental conservation, design of sustainable agro-industrial operations.

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