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About us

We are a group of friends who are experts in different disciplines, with extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable agribusiness.


Gustavo Garzón. Founder CEO

Agronomist engineer, MBA, PhD candidate about economic sciences with focus on sustainability. Great experience on large scale agroindustrial projects. Design, implementation and evaluation of projects.


Manuel Padrón.

Agroindustrial development specialist, with extensive experience in food transformation. He has contributed to the development of large agroindustrial projects in Africa, LATAM and Europe. He is passionate about  processing  raw materials for human consumption and industrial use. 


Okeoghene Sike-Ezo. 

Africa Regional Leader, Agronomist engineer, Master Degree on Soil Science and Agronomy, specialist on industrial cassava production, large scale projects .


Stave Dale.

Founder and President at Oh Cannabis Inc. Agroindustrial entrepreneur, founder of Rollindale Winery, Masterbreeder, farming, processing and marketing, partner of several  projects around the world, expert on  regenerative farming.


Michel Ciro Hoyos. 

Agronomist Engineer , Msc Master on farming sciences and vegetal sanity. Palm oil sector entrepreneur, International consultant, expert on industrial palm oil production, processing and marketing.

International Consulting

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